Minggu, 29 November 2009

You said this could only get better
There's no rush cause we have each other
You said this would last forever
But now I doubt if I was your only lover

Are we just lost in time?
I wonder if your love's the same
Cause I'm not over you

Baby, don't talk to me
I'm trying to let go
Not loving you is harder than you know
Cause boy you're driving me so crazy

How can I miss you if you never would stay?
If you need time I guess I'll go away (I'll go away)
Inside me now there's only heartache and pain
So where's the fire? You've become the rain

And if you don't want me than
I guess I'll have to go (I guess I'll have to go)
Not loving you is harder than you know

So I'll make the call
And I'll leave today
I'm gonna miss you cause I love you baby

escape the fate-harder than you know

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